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    Antena Tv Wajanbolic di KIAI HAJI NOER ALIE (Alm) TOKO…
    Bang Uddin di Maksud Menikah Setengah dari…
    mbramantya di Sono, Pencuci Piring Jadi Jura…
    nurul istiqomah di Sono, Pencuci Piring Jadi Jura…
    vespa junior di Jangan Terlalu Sering Mandi Pa…
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Kata Mutiara

A Leader Is One Who Dares To Take The Plunge, While Others Hesitates

The Man who has no Imagination has no Wings to Fly High

Friends are Angles who Lift us to our Feet When our Wings have Trouble, Remember how to Fly

 Practice Makes Perfect ! The More Hours You Put Into it, Better You Are At It

 The Future belongs to those who Believe  in the Beauty of their Dreams

 One Man can be Crucial Ingredient on a Team, but One Man cannot make a Team

 Team work is the Catalyst that yield Excellence from Shared strength

 When You Bring a single light of Peace it will brighten up Wherever you Go

 Vision Is the Art Of Seeing Thing Invisible

 Then Let us Join Hand in Hand By Uniting We Stand, by Dividing we Fall

 You don’t Face your Fears, You Stand Up to Them

 Life is Transforming Ideas have always Come to me through Books

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